Sales Optimization

Strategic Venture Consulting believes that most Sales professionals don’t need a lot of advice on how to sell.  Unfortunately Sales professionals sometimes don’t get the tools and support they need to accelerate the company’s and their own success.

The sales cycle is a network of critical conversations.  To shorten the cycle and optimize its yield, all of the stages and sub-stages need to be broken down into their critical go/no-go gates and triggers.   Each gate comprises its own mini network of conversations that need to be analyzed and optimized.

customer purchase funnelIf you have a well-managed CRM installation you may be surprised how close you are to some breakthrough gains in Sales effectiveness and efficiency.    Check out SVC’s post on Sales Cycle; you may get some new ideas.

Once your network of critical conversations is sorted out, SVC can help you with sales enabling cycle scripting and content to focus your most valuable resources on the highest-impact conversations and actions.