Conversation Driven Business

All human action occurs in conversation.

That may seem a bold claim, but it is true.   Humans are conversation engines.  We are built to process conversations in order to expand our possibilities and collaborate and coordinate with others.

Business deals are based on the Exchange Conversation, a basic building block of human work.

A better brighter future relies on Conversations for Possibility, because only thoughts assessed as possible can be manifested in physical reality.   The specific nature of the future is driven by our current assessments of it, and enabled by special assessments such as Trust that determine how much coordinated human intention and energy will be directed to its constitutive concerns.

These claims need to be rigorously developed into diagnostic and action frameworks in order to take effective practical business action.  Strategic Venture Consulting builds on an ontology developed by Dr. Fernando Flores that provides the necessary structure for evaluating and designing conversations in our business, community and personal lives.

Please check out SVC’s  “Conversation-Driven Business” guide to see how conversation design principles can be game-changers for your business.