Strategic Venture Consulting helps B2B companies target the best opportunities, grow sales, market share and profit and implement effective sales and marketing practices and programs.

Using proprietary frameworks and practice templates, Strategic Venture Consulting empowers teams to achieve their best work and results.

Working witsh Strategic Venture Consulting, companies have achieved sales doubling or more in a year, quick turnarounds from losses to solid profits, and gains in team competence and confidence to envision, plan and capitalize on compelling possibilities and opportunities.

Bob Kimball  

Bob Kimball is SVC’s principal.  Bob developed SVC’s Growth Framework and Conversation Driven Business™ practices during his career as a software/internet, IP-based and Engineered Products senior executive.  Bob’s interests in marketing and software are based on conviction that well-conceived and marketed software has the power to greatly improve the effectiveness of business and the quality of our daily lives.

Bob received a wonderful educational gift along the way that expanded his world of possibilities, grounding and motivating his ongoing work. Russell Redenbaugh purposed the Conversation Design work of Dr. Fernando Flores for business people through his educational organization Kairos.  Based on the towering intellectual work of Dr. Flores that explores human life as biological, linguistic and social-historial, Russell’s teachings exposed Bob to a DNA of language and conversation – how it creates the possibility of new possibilities and provides for the mutual commitments that power our work together. Conversation Driven Business strives to apply and honor those teachings.

Bob’s experience and perspective on keys to business growth derive from OJT in roles including product manager, product line manager, marketing director, business director, VP Marketing, VP Sales and Marketing, VP Business Development, Chief Technology Officer, President and CEO in companies ranging from early-stage venture-backed to F1000 including Hewlett-Packard. Bob received his undergraduate EECS degree in Solid-state Physics and Analog Design from UC Berkeley and an MBA in Marketing from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.  Bob is an avid life-long student of human behavior and software’s role in helping humanity evolve.

Bob lives in Oakdale California with his wife Kelly, three big dogs and an assortment of stringed instruments.   Reach Bob at   bob@strategicventureconsulting.com